AVC in detail is Africa Vitiligo Patient Convention.  AVC is a patient centred convention being organised by Vitiligo for Vitiligo patients, their family, friends, primary stakeholders, well-wishers and medical community.


 AVC – Vision An Africa that is Vitiligo aware and emphatic with active patient support and care.

Theme: The drive for more active patient support and care in the Digital Age

 The objectives of AVC is:

A candid and open discussion of what life is living with Vitiligo in Africa (sharing our experiences good and bad to offer one another emotional comfort and moral support).

AVC2018  biennial conference (South Africa) — in March 2018, supports Vitiligo patients and Vitiligo patient organizations/support groups in Sub-Saharan Africa as we seek to build & encourage eachother, build our self-confidence,  improve our skills, share ideas for active support and advocacy, and learn best practices to serve our patient groups better:

  • Fund workshops, technology or events
  • Support delegates from allover Africa with travel and conference scholarships (you can choose a country of choice).
  • Sponsor keynote speakers
  • Benefit from the opportunity to liaise with patient leaders, run focus groups, or learn first-hand how you can help patient leaders reach the patients you serve.
  • We have various sponsorship levels, starting in September 2017


Theme: The drive for more active patient support and care in the Digital Age

Date: 29 – 31st March 2018

Venue – TBD

29thMarch –

  • Capacity building of the Africa Vitiligo patient’s leaders from around sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Meeting and discussions with the African Vitiligo patient leaders on working together to fulfill purpose.

March 30 – 31st Convention

We plan to host workshops:

  • Patient workshops – personal wellness, self-help guide, positive living etc. This is aimed at assisting individuals living with Vitiligo to live better lives through simple techniques such as….
  • Well-being workshop – through this we hope to provide series of takeaway instructional methods designed to improve mental health, confidence, self-love, self-peace and capacity of patient support groups to share these practices.
  • Managing social isolation and social exclusion
  • Evidence-based self-help. How did you do it?

Educational Objectives

After attending this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of Vitiligo patient Support groups meeting regularly, sharing experience and upholding eachother.
  • How we can improve active patient support using Technology.
  • Learn about effective Vitiligo self-help guide
  • Get deeply informed about Vitiligo clearing all myths and traditional beliefs about Vitiligo.
  • Discuss their Vitiligo conditions socially and medically, enlightening and educating others living with and without Vitiligo.
  • Experience Improved and great genuine self-confidence, self-esteem, courage and boldness to thrive against all odds
  • Assess the value of a Dermatologist/psychologist/patient partnership in improving health
  • Evaluate the role of evidence-based integrative holistic medicine in the treatment of Vitiligo
  • Learn about new treatment/management options locally and easily accessible.
  • Inspire new Patient leaders and equip with technical knowledge and guide on starting an active Vitiligo Support group in their locality.
  • Establish an Alliance and network of Africa patient leaders from various disciplines and geographic areas

The Africa Vitiligo Convention,

The drive for more active patient support and care in the Digital Age.

The Africa Vitiligo Convention dates are the 30th & 31st March at – Johanesbbourg, South Africa

Who Should Attend
29th March – Vitiligo Patient leaders in sub-Saharan Africa

30th – 31st March  – Vitiligo patients from all over Africa and globally, Patients & Families, friends, Health Communities, ehealth, Care Providers,  Global stakeholders, Dermatologists, Psychologists, Mental Health,  Personal & Social Wellness, Community Services