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A Committee Welcome

We invite you to join us!

This is the very first edition of the AVC convention and first of its kind.

The AVC biennial Convention is a special time of the year where we gather together for self-renewal, individual support, social inclusion, social wellness, and deep community connection. The AVC biennial Convention blends the art and science of active support groups & experience sharing and provides many networking opportunities. We believe that high-quality Social care and support should be accessible to all and it is time to set the new standard of active social support for all living with Vitiligo in Africa.

Coming together, we are particularly excited to see how social support, care and getting us connect with eachother, sharing our stories and experiences, finding out how others cope and live positively all physically and through Technology  improves our quality of lives and self-renewal.. Over 300 individuals living with Vitiligo, their families, friends, stakeholders – Dermatologists, psychologists, mental health experts, well-wishers from around Africa and globally are expected in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2018 for interactions, patient leader panels, small group discussions, workshops, special evening receptions and more.